Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Americans are naturally charitable, in fact we’ve been named the world’s most charitable nation. However, our giving rate has hovered at the same level for decades. Americans are making more and more, but we’re not increasing the amount we donate to charities. 

At The Greater Give, we believe that by ingraining a culture of giving into the workplace, we can inspire more charitable giving across the country.

The workplace is charged with potential to help empower the cultural shift needed to increase our giving rate. Employers hold a shared responsibility to support the communities in which their employees, customers, and business partners live. By fostering a culture of shared responsibility, employers would strengthen their relationships with their employees, enhance the sense of community, and increase charitable donations. 

In a shared responsibility model, everyone serves to benefit. The employee feels empowered to give back and take on a more impactful role in their community. The employer increases employee engagement, retention, creativity, and productivity. And finally, charities see a dramatic increase in donations and are empowered to more effectively help the communities they serve. 


How We’re Taking Action