About The Greater Give

Why was The Greater Give founded?

The Greater Give is a nonprofit organization founded to compel more giving by cultivating a movement of shared responsibility in the workplace.

Who founded The Greater Give?

The Greater Give was founded by Dan and Patti Rashke as part of their efforts to support the philanthropic community and increase charitable giving.

How does The Greater Give support charitable giving outcomes?

The Greater Give is an enabler to compel more giving. The Everyday Philanthropist Act is only one aspect of our work. The Greater Give provides employer resources on strategic philanthropy, connects like-minded businesses to foster a culture of shared responsibility, and advocates for changes in public policy.

What is the goal of The Greater Give?

An incentive to compel more individuals and employers to engage in the act of giving. We aim to raise charitable giving by 1 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). If we could push giving to 3 percent of GDP, it would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the charitable sector.

Increasing charitable donations would have a tremendous effect on the work nonprofits are able to achieve – allowing not only for a broader reach but the time and resources needed to impact communities in new and innovative ways. Additionally, we could decrease the country’s dependence on government-funded social programs.

What does it mean to democratize giving?

The concept of philanthropy is often associated with high net worth individuals, but at The Greater Give we believe that anyone can be a philanthropist. Our effort to democratize giving means that we are expanding the base of giving to empower participation from the many, the “Everyday Philanthropists”. Individuals who want to give back regardless of their status or circumstance. Contributions of all sizes can affect positive change, particularly when more donations are made more often.

Are we oversaturating donors with too many ways to give?

Philanthropy is, by nature, a very personal act, in which donors select when, to whom, how much and in what way to give. At The Greater Give, our mission is to compel more giving, and to not want to limit a donor’s ability to choose. We believe that Flexible Giving Accounts can help simplify the donation process. When an employee enrolls in an FGA through their employer, they are have control at any time to choose their payroll deduction amount and preselected charity(ies) of their choice.