Company-Sponsored Events

Sponsored Volunteer Events


Employers can create a culture of philanthropy and encourage team development with company-organized or department-initiated volunteer events and activities. For example, blood drives held at the office can translate to volunteer time for the employees who donate. Employees are more likely to participate when the cause resonates with their personal values.


Run/Walk Sponsorship

Employers are often asked to financially sponsor employee participation in charitable walks or runs. An employer should consider how closely the event aligns to its philanthropic priorities, the involvement of the employee within the organization, and the extent of previous participation in the event by employees. Policies should be established for when and when not to support an event.


Employer sponsorship might be dependent upon an employee serving as captain of the team for the walk or run. Employees who serve as captains can develop valuable leadership skills such as motiving and influencing others.


A team captain might be responsible for:

  1. Recruiting – find other colleagues who share their passion for the organization that is benefitting from the walk/run
  2. Registering – work with the nonprofit organization to register the company team and keep the roster of team members updated
  3. Inspiration – share inspirational stories with those who join the team to encourage them to fundraise
  4. Communication – keep the communication flowing so team members have all of the information they need to fundraise and participate the day of the walk/run
  5. Promotion – share the results of the event and a team photo with employees after the event to highlight the team’s success


Employers might choose to support employee teams without full event sponsorship. Instead, the employer could contribute toward the employee’s registration fee, or match funds raised by the employee for the charitable organization. A maximum amount could be established.

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Company-Sponsored Events

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