Philanthropy Committee

Philanthropy Committee


Employers can encourage employees to take a hands-on approach in corporate social responsibility by participating in an Employee Philanthropy Committee. This group helps champion the employer’s philanthropic activities and maintains alignment with the company’s mission, vision and values.


The Employee Philanthropy Committee evaluates charitable donation requests directly from nonprofit agencies or by employees who are personally involved with a nonprofit agency (i.e., through volunteerism, financial support or as a recipient of services from the agency).

Requests might include monetary donations, company matching donation, in-kind donations, and support for volunteer activities, such as donation drives or charity walks/runs.


Donation requests are approved based on funds available and (if applicable) the employee’s personal support of the charitable organization. Previous funding in the past does not guarantee that future requests will be funded.


Establishing policies and procedures for the Employee Philanthropy Committee program is strongly encouraged. Items to consider might include: committee membership, submission and approval process, annual fundraising events, donation criteria, and required documentation.

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