Giving Program Facilitator

Giving Program Facilitator


Employers with a robust charitable giving program will benefit from a dedicated Giving Program Facilitator. This position owns the management and coordination of the organization’s philanthropy efforts, and ensures that the sponsored financial contributions and events are consistent with corporate values.


The Giving Program Facilitator is a champion of the employee giving program and actively advances a professional, inclusive work environment that promotes philanthropy. In addition to promoting opportunities for individual charitable contributions, this role can also help coordinate volunteer engagement and corporate sponsorship requests.


The role and responsibilities may include:

  • Educating and engaging employees in corporate giving and volunteer opportunities.
  • Coordinating corporate-sponsored events and campaigns that are strategically aligned with philanthropic goals.
  • Managing annual philanthropic budget and processes.
  • Managing the organization’s philanthropic committee(s).
  • Working directly with external charitable agencies and partners.
  • Managing philanthropic processes aligned with established guidelines.
  • Drafting policies and procedures related to corporate philanthropy program.

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Giving Program Facilitator

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