In-Kind Services

In-Kind Services


To make a more significant impact on communities where employees live and work, an employer might offer in-kind services to nonprofit organizations. When establishing an in-kind program, the employer will have to determine what services are offered, the value of these services, eligibility requirements for nonprofits, the number of nonprofits that can participate, and the term in-kind services will be offered.


Requests to be considered for in-kind services can originate with an employee actively engaged with the nonprofit, or the nonprofit may approach the employer. If an employer has an Employee Philanthropy Committee, this group can determine whether the nonprofit is accepted for in-kind services. An employee actively involved with the nonprofit can serve as the relationship manager for the in-kind account. This role provides professional development and increases the employee’s engagement both with the nonprofit and their employer.


The nonprofit organization will endorse the in-kind program and may be requested to assist in public relations efforts related to the program.

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In-Kind Services

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